Winter Wonderland Week Two – More Snow

Before I talk about what we did during week two of our Winter Wonderland curriculum, I want to mention two books we loved that I forgot to mention in last week’s post.

The first is The Cow Tripped Over the Moon, which is a short rhyming book about storybook victims. It showed how there are always helpers and was a fun read overall. The girls were able to guess Little Boy Blue based on the clues on his page. I asked Mimi if she could still remember the entire poem and she was able to! I was surprised since it has been at least two months since we’ve even talked about it. The second book we enjoyed (even more) was Rosie Revere, Engineer which is about a little girl who thinks her invention is a failure, but learns from her great-great-aunt, Rosie the Riveter, that it was a success and why. This book had an amazing growth mindset message. We loved it so much that it may be a Christmas present later this year so we can add it to our permanent book collection. The author, Andrea Beaty, has a few books based on other significant historical figures so we’ll be reading those. She even has an engineering project book based on the Rosie Revere book that I plan on getting soon.Week two was a little bit harder to get into than week one. We had a lot of extra things going on, but learning and life experiences were abundant.

The books we read were:
This was a cute book about different snowmen in a snow-family. If we had had more time this week, a perfect craft to go along with this book would have been to set out a bunch of different small objects to make snowmen on paper plates. After the Fall was another great growth mindset book that tells about how Humpty Dumpty overcomes the struggles he faced after falling off the wall.

Our nature study this week was on the moon. Papa, Please Get Me the Moon was a sweet fictional story, while The Moon Book was an information heavy book. We love Gail Gibbons books because they’re like children’s textbooks with excellent illustrations and captivating text. I imagine it’s hard to present that much information in a way that still stays entertaining, but she’s able to do it and does it well!


Mimi and Adi attempted to find the moon after finishing the moon books, but it was hiding behind a cloud or a tree. It was supposed to be a first quarter moon so we checked out a picture online.

 We’ve been trucking through the first Life of Fred book. It’s silly and engaging, while still teaching. I’ve heard that this first book is a lot more simple than the subsequent books so I’m looking forward to starting book two.

Mimi and Adi went bug hunting on a rare sunny day. We discussed habitats and slug diets. It felt great being outside without needing coats!

On a different day that wasn’t quite as sunny, we met up with Mimi’s friend from gymnastics to check out the Vancouver Water Resource Center. There were some fantastic resources and activities. It was like OMSI, but free and there were hardly any people there.

This week we also remembered my great-grandmother, the girls’ great-great-grandmother, who passed away a year ago. Hospice had a memorial service memorialize everyone who passed away in hospice care during the same month as her. The chaplain gave a wonderful speech about grief and how to healthily release emotions. It was touching and very sweet. The harpist asked both girls if they wanted to play the harp, and she also played a few kids songs for them as we waited for everyone to arrive.

Death is a topic that society generally avoids, but I feel it’s important for the girls to understand all parts of life instead of shying away from the tough topics. This was the perfect setting for that as everything was presented in a loving and gentle way. They ended up falling asleep during the service, which was shocking since neither of them really nap any more, but the harp music was relaxing and it could’ve been their minds’ way of processing everything.

Overall, hospice provided a wonderful ceremony that left us feeling uplifted and remembering fun memories of grandma. 

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