Winter Wonderland Week Four – The End of January

This week we had sun and warm enough days to be outside without coats, eating popsicles! It was a nice reprieve from all the dreary winter weather. We took full advantage and were outside as much as we could be. 

We found a pack of card games; Go Fish, Crazy 8s, Old Maid, Slap Jack, Memory, and War. I wasn’t sure if the girls were old enough to truly enjoy them, but after playing each game once, they were hooked. Slap Jack is by and far their favorite game. They are both a little competitive, so watch out if you play against them! We learned about magnets and the girls did an experiment to figure out what items around the house were magnetic or not.  Adi had fun expressing her personal style this week. I love this age 🙂 My birthday fell in the middle of this week so we went out for lunch and a treat with my grandparents, parents, and brother. It was a great chance for the girls to see local businesses and what our downtown is like. Even though we live close, we’re never downtown for anything more than the library. 

The girls learned about how cold affects the small nerves in our hands with an experiment involving ice cream and small objects. First, they picked everything up and said it was easy. Next, they held onto the container of ice cream for about 30 seconds and tried picking the items up again.
Mimi is really into learning how money works. It’s provided a wonderful opportunity to apply counting and math to real world scenarios, really solidifying her understanding. 

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  1. I did play cards with the girls and I had a great time. Very early on when Adi came flying across the table I knew the game was on. I found out age made no difference. Four generation does not matter you better be ready to play.

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