Winter – January 2019 to March 2019

We did a lot of book work and Adi happily joined in with some worksheets of her own! I love that they can work side-by-side with each other.

We also played a LOT of games while the weather was chilly. We scored some awesome thrift store finds and even found some great games at Fred Meyer’s and Target. We discovered how quickly a game collection can grow. Mimi set out with a goal to play every game we own in one day. We didn’t quite hit that goal, but still had a lot of fun!

Games teach so many different skills in a fun, easy-to-learn way. I’ve been following My Little Poppies Gameschooling for gaming and learning inspiration. Some great games include:

Sleeping Queens – math and strategy

High Seas Adventure – addition and solving for x

Six Card Golf – strategy, comparing, addition, subtraction

Classics like Memory and Slap Jack

I found a really cool version of The Nutcracker at the library that had pictures that came to life. Unfortunately I can’t remember the author of this specific version and our library system has so many versions that I haven’t been able to narrow it down. If I figure out which version it is, I’ll update the post.

Our library has a plethora of homeschooling books so I’m usually able to check out something before purchasing it to make sure we’ll like it. This book below was a major win!

Mimi was having difficulty reading until we started working through this book. Other methods weren’t working because her brain would be trying to quickly figure out what the words were based on what she thought they were or what the picture accompanying the word looked like.

This book doesn’t have any pictures and tells the instructor exactly what to say and how to present each concept. Since there aren’t any context clues, it forced her brain to slow down and learn reading skills in the correct order without any guessing.

We began watching Mister Roger’s Neighborhood (free on Amazon Prime!) and it inspired us to make molasses taffy, Mimi and I made food together, and there was a lot of painting.

Over the last several months we’ve watched almost all the episodes on Amazon and it’s become one of Adi’s favorite shows. It’s such a wonderful feeling enjoying something with the girls that I enjoyed when I was their age.

We ended winter with a trip to OMSI, a local science museum. Museums, especially interactive hands-on ones like OMSI, are an endless resource for education. Trips to places like this can be expensive so my tip is to regularly check Groupon. We were able to get a year-long membership for close to the price of one visit!

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