Harvest Unit Week Eight – Pumpkin Patch

It’s pumpkin patch season! We took a trip to one of our favorite semi-local pumpkin patches and were able to get in about four hours of fun before the sun went away and it started pouring. We went on a hayride, forged through giant pumpkin vines, climbed hay bales, picked out produce in the market, and enjoyed fresh apples.

Mimi picked out some walnuts at the market and she experimented with ways to open it. We talked about a bird we observed a couple of weeks ago. The bird was in our tree, using a branch and its beak to crack open a nutshell. After experimenting with a few different methods, Mimi discovered that a wooden block and a peg table worked perfectly.

Mimi’s had a huge explosion of math skills this week. We’ve done very little formal work when it comes to math, but we are constantly discussing quantities of everyday items and I try to ask questions like “this recipe calls for 4 eggs, I’ve cracked 2, how many eggs do I still need?” and it’s working. One big way she’s been working on addition and subtraction is by figuring out how old she’ll be when Adi is different ages.

At the end of this week she asked me what even numbers were so we discussed even vs. odd and I verbally quizzed her with the numbers 1-9. She was able to correctly identify each one as even or odd. I love seeing her grasp a concept quickly because she’s interested and engaged.

Calendula is growing really well in our garden! No big updates this week, just that the plants are all slightly bigger.

Mimi discovered that she can reach the kitchen sink without a stool now. She’s growing up so fast! She was happy to help me do the dishes, which made me realize I need to be involving them more with cleaning. The Humbled Homemaker had a timely article this week with some great insight and ideas for getting kids more involved with housework.

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