Harvest Unit Week Four – Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen was our main book for this week. We discovered that there are roughly 45,297,932 versions of this story and ours involves the little red hen growing and cooking corn, which we can’t eat. So, in addition to reading that version, we watched a few being read on YouTube. Each one still had the underlying message of the other animals not helping the little red hen, and the little red hen not sharing with them in the end.

At first, Mimi didn’t understand why the little red hen wasn’t sharing and thought that it was rude, but we had some great discussions on how many hands make light work and how if we work together, everyone shares in the work and the rewards.

The other book we focused on was Bread Comes to Life, which was a look at how bread is made from start to finish, including growing wheat.

We baked a cake to go along with the version of The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone. My favorite easy cake to make is depression cake or wacky cake. It uses no eggs or milk and can be made with gluten free flours very easily. We made it with einkorn flour since we can handle it better than conventional wheat flour. The ingredients are mixed directly in the baking dish and it’s a great recipe to get the girls involved with. We’ve made this cake for several birthday parties using different spices and flavors and it’s always loved. Since it’s stirred and baked in the same dish, it can come out looking a little crazy, so if you’re making it for a party, I recommend stirring it in a bowl first.

Sweet Little Blue Bird has the best recipe for a vanilla version. We ended up baking it a little longer than it needed, and that magically made it taste like sweet cornbread which was a nice surprise.

The weather was a little cooler this week so worms and other bugs were easier to find. We worked on using gentle hands when exploring. The girls spent an entire day examining bugs and observing their habits. 

We took a special trip to Whole Foods to buy chicken feet. Chicken feet make the best broth and with winter (and cold season) coming, I want to teach the girls to be prepared. This was Adi’s first time pushing her own cart so we worked on manners and self-control. Mimi was a patient older sister and showed her how it’s done.

Week two of gymnastics went better than week one. I don’t think I took any pictures the first week because Adi had a hard time understanding that it was something she wasn’t old enough to do. The two of them do almost everything together so it was a hard realization. This week she knew more of what to expect and it went much smoother. She enjoyed watching Mimi and gave her the biggest, tightest hug when she was done. 

I’ve spent the last year (or more) debating on which instrument to introduce first. Over the summer we started a piano primer book, and while it was an enjoyable experience, it felt too soon to introduce the piano. Introducing it too soon would just create unnecessary frustration so we went with the recorder instead. I figured we could learn a new song each month and we started with Hot Cross Buns. Mimi had it down in one day so I may need to rethink how often we learn a new song.

Recorders can be bought for an extremely low price on Amazon, we bought the Lyons brand one and the tone is exactly the same as the recorders my husband and I still have from when we were in school.

There are many recorder music books to choose from, but for now we’re using sheet music available for free online.

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  1. My two much older cousins always made chiken soup with the chicken feet. It was so goood. And it was usually at a family get together at my Grandpas. No recipe. I always thought of their cooking as food art…

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