The Beginning of Weekly Nature Walks

This week we focused on the five senses, beginning with collecting petals for a homemade perfume. The girls picked roses, borage, and calendula and the mixture of them together was fragrantly delightful!
Both girls have been helping more with chores, making life easier for everyone!We had an anything goes art time again. This time they chose finger paints and had a fantastic time slapping hand and arm prints onto paper. A lot of giggles happened during this!We read a book about Jean-Henri Fabre that Mimi was completely enthralled by. I think this will be added to our list of books to get for Christmas! One page in particular, shown below, is exactly how I picture it would be if Mimi was in public school!A house favorite is Sleeping Queens. It’s a card game that they both caught onto quickly and is entertaining/involved enough that all four of us enjoy playing it. It helps with strategy, addition, number recognition, and following directions. Learning through games is the best! Friday night the girls had their first sleepover together! They stayed at their Grammy and Grampy’s house and it was the first time Adi has ever been away from me overnight. They did excellently and had an amazing time! These pictures are their faces after finding out where we were taking them! While they were gone, Aaron and I tackled some chores inside and outside the house. One of the tasks was trimming back a rogue bush. The branches were nice and thick so he sawed some down into play-sized pieces for the girls to find when they got home. We ended the week with a nature walk around a local pond where we discussed the five senses in greater detail and found examples of each of the five. Their favorite was taste – blackberries. We stayed for about an hour while they explored the small creatures in and around the ponds. We saw minnows, dragonflies, ducks, several geese, a beaver dam, a bunny, and numerous insects and birds. We plan on making the nature walk a weekly event so the girls can see how it changes throughout the four seasons!

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