February in a Nutshell

From Valentine’s parties to learning to count by 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s using money, February was a busy month!

We played a lot of board games. This one, Spider Pete’s Treasure Game, is great for cooperation, taking turns, and even coordination.
We found a foam letter set on Amazon, which the girls have enjoyed using. The letters have doubled as pattern makers and estimation practice. They had me read the letters all laid out on our big white board. I’m still not sure if I summoned something 😉
Mimi has taken a huge interest in counting money. Having a real-world application helped her counting skills grow exponentially!
Colorful cellophane sheets were a fun visual to teach Adi color combinations. If anyone has crafts they’ve done with cellophane sheets, please share below!

I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to practice handwriting and thought of having Mimi paint the letters. She really enjoyed it so I tried painting a couple and it’s harder than it looks! I was even more impressed with the clarity of her letters after trying it myself.

We were able to find a few quiet moments to regain our sanity!
Just when we thought winter was coming to an end, we were hit with snow. The first few days were exciting. We were able to do all of the winter experiments and observations we had missed out on at the beginning of the winter curriculum.

Working on some handcrafts.  Our local library has an enrichment program for K-3rd graders once a month and the previous month had different building activities, including stacking cups. We had some clear cups at home which have now all turned into stacking cups.
Adi helped out in the kitchen with treats for the dogs. She cracked the eggs perfectly and took her job very seriously.
Great-Grandma came over and played tic-tac-toe and count money with the girls. Several weeks ago we read a book, Be a Friend to Trees, in which the author states that to be a friend to trees we should use both sides of a paper. I never know exactly what parts of a book the girls will remember, but when Grandma went to grab a new sheet of paper, Mimi explained that they should use the back so they could be a friend to trees.
Mimi reading to Adi and a friend at the library.
Schooling and learning can literally be done anywhere. We used a baby shower game to practice number writing.

Our yard has patches of winter crocuses and seeing those first few flowers pop up is always a joyous occasion after winter.

I’m trying to get both girls more involved in the kitchen. They love helping with dinner so I just need to remember to invite them to join me.
We branched out this month and checked out a local homeschooling group. We came on the day of their Valentine’s party so the girls got to experience exchanging Valentine’s cards with other kids. They had a bunch of fun and even got to play a new board game.
Before the party, the girls helped address and put together their cards.

Because we don’t have enough dogs, Adi got a cute little dog that she can “walk” on a leash. It doesn’t use any batteries and walks along really well. It ended up being a great way to help her focus on being safe when walking to and from gymnastics.

We had fun playing card games. The girls are getting so great at playing Slap Jack.
We’re trying to get in the habit of doing yoga either right when we wake up, or right before bed. Auzzy is still getting used to it 🙂 Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube is our favorite.

I created printable Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs stick puppets. My sweet helper oversaw the lamination. The Little Red Riding Hood printable can be found by clicking hereAnd The Three Little Pigs printable can be found by clicking here. 

February was filled with a lot of fun memories. We finally had some true winter weather, but were happy to see it end!

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