Fall Harvest Curriculum – Week Three

This week wasn’t very picture heavy at all. For some reason, I only took a few pictures so this post will be short!

Our main subject this week was farm equipment. We read “Rusty, Trusty Tractor” and “Fantastic Farm Machines”. “Rusty, Trusty Tractor” is a sweet story about a grandpa who doesn’t want to buy a new tractor, despite a salesman repeatedly trying to convince him otherwise. We loved the book last year and it was a hit again this year. “Fantastic Farm Machines” was a straightforward explanation about the different machines found on a farm. It was enjoyable to read and we’ll add it to the list to read again next year.For nature study, we learned about bugs and explored our backyard after reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. The girls went on a hunt for signs of insects and bugs. They enjoyed finding leaves that had insect nibbles on them!

Since we visited a couple of volcanoes last week, they watched the “Magic School Bus” episode about volcanoes and found it really interesting.

For art study, we read “Katie and the Starry Night”. It’s a book about a girl who jumps into Vincent van Gogh paintings and has adventures with the subjects of each painting.

We also read a sweet story called “My Mountain Song” that everyone enjoyed.

In addition to core subjects like math and reading, the girls also worked on life skills like cleaning and helping with shopping. They ended the week with lots of building, both with blocks and LEGOs.


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