Harvest Unit Week Three – Tractors and Mud

Mimi and I discussed her goals for this school year and the biggest thing she wants to accomplish is learning to read. Our first step was to assess what letters, uppercase and lowercase, she can recognize without any hesitation. This was our first “test”and she enjoyed doing it. If there was anything except 100% confidence when naming a letter, it was added to the “to work on” list and we’ll do worksheets and other activities or crafts to help. The Measured Mom has several different alphabet worksheet sets. Most use dobbers which makes it really fun and is a great way to keep Adi entertained. 

Straws are another way to entertain toddlers during homeschool hours!

Charlotte Mason’s thoughts on early childhood education was my inspiring read for the week. Such a great affirmation that we’re on the right path. It makes me thankful we can teach the girls at the pace that’s right for them.

This week we visited with friends who came bearing gifts so the girls spent a lot of time coloring and enjoying their new craft supplies.

The Rusty Trusty Tractor and Farm Machines were the two books we focused on this week.

Farm Machines covered pretty much every machine used on a farm. To provide an even better visual example, I typed each machine name into YouTube and there was an example of all of them to watch. We watched manual plows also and discussed which ones looked the most productive. We also talked about how the tools we used while working on our garden did some of those same jobs, but on a smaller scale.

The Rusty Trusty Tractor was a cute story about a grandpa not wanting to buy a new tractor, despite a persistent salesman trying to sell him one. It ends with mud so this week’s activity was creating tracks in the mud by using brown paint and various items to make tracks. The girls also got a quick lesson in combining colors. Our brown paint is gone (explosion) so I combined red and green and it made a decent mud color. Adi didn’t believe that it would make brown so it was fun seeing her reaction when it did. Crayola Washable Kids Paint is my favorite for crafts like this, it really washes up easily.

Cleaning up all the toys ended up being even more fun than making the tracks.

For a fun science experiment we watched and made Flubber. We’ve made flubber with white glue before, but never with clear glue. The texture ends up completely different and has a bounce to it that the white glue flubber just doesn’t have. I found the recipe on A Thrifty Mom and it came out looking exactly like hers.


To end the week, we visited Fort Vancouver during their Campfires and Candlelight event. It begins with volunteers dressed up in WWII uniforms and goes back in time, the closer you get to the fort entrance, all the way back to the mid 1800s. As we were walking in, we ran into a volunteer who was playing Mrs. McLoughlin, the wife of Dr. John McLoughlin who was the longest-serving Chief Factor at Fort Vancouver.

We walked through a beautiful garden filled with vegetables and flowers. According to a sign there, the original community had a gigantic garden that spanned up to eight acres! There were horses to pet, medic vehicle horns to honk, bees to observe, herbs to grind, volunteers discussing the current events of the 1800s together, and so much more. When it becomes dark out, there are candles lining everything. We had to leave before sunset so we didn’t get to observe that, but next year we’re planning on going closer to dark time.

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