Harvest Unit Week Nine – More Pumpkins

This week, we focused on pumpkins again. The two pumpkin books we read were The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steve Kroll and Pumpkin Circle by George Levenson. The Biggest Pumpkin Ever is a story about two mice who are both taking care of a pumpkin at different times of day, unaware of each other. Pumpkin Circle is by the author of Bread Comes to Life that we read in week four and is similar in format. It covers the life cycle of a pumpkin with flowing rhymes. It was fun to read and we read it several times this week, even on our way to the pumpkin patch later in the week.

To start off the week, we decorated our pumpkins we picked a couple of weeks ago. I knocked Mimi’s pumpkin off the table when I moved it, leaving it with a decent sized scar near the top. This reminded her of Harry Potter so she decided to make a Harry Potter inspired pumpkin. Once the glitter and paint came out, it turned into more of a zombie, bloodied Harry Potter. I love the amount of detail and planning she puts into her projects now. She had the idea to use a pencil to draw stitches on the pumpkin, and was very focused while doing so.

Glitter brought out the party animals in both girls! Mimi exclaimed that you can never have too much glitter, and Adi agreed by continually handing her new bottles. Once the pumpkins were done and they pretended the rinse jar was a cauldron for a few minutes, we wrapped up the glitter play before it got outrageously out of hand.

Adi received glitter for her birthday that came in shakers, like these ones. Walmart has a multi-pack for a great price, but I’m sharing the Amazon link to show you the tops to look for. The shaker tops helped contain the craziness that comes along with glitter. We’re a very pro-glitter household, but anything that helps reduce the mess associated with it is greatly appreciated!

Pajamas are our dress of choice when doing stain-able crafts so you’ll probably see these outfits a lot.

I had an idea for our weekly books that I’m going to try out. Our entertainment center is set up at eye level to the girls so I’m going to start displaying the books and any crafts we’ve done that week. I’m hoping that this will lead to more spontaneous reading during the day.

Huge windstorms helped most of the leaves fall in our neighborhood. We had a nice 70 degree day so the girls took advantage of it by stomping around in the leaves.

With a couple of warm days this week, the girls were craving something cold and sweet so we made the easiest sorbet. You basically just blend coconut water with whatever frozen fruit sounds good. These ones are strawberry, but another favorite is the tropical blend from Costco. I don’t have exact measurements, I just start out with a small amount of coconut water and add more until it’s a thick texture that can be eaten with a spoon. My favorite blender is the Ninja IQ. I’ve had two Blendtecs that only lasted a few months each, but my Nutri Ninja has been going strong for a couple of years now.

It’s never too early to start celebrating Christmas, right?! To celebrate the release of Hanson’s new Christmas CD we invited Great Grandma over for music, crafts, food, and The Grinch. Adi is still a little bit too young to enjoy The Grinch, but she ended up liking it by the end.

We ended the week with a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was a lot squishier and muddier than last time we went, and the girls had a great time sloshing through the muck. They rode the cow train together and had a bunch of fun. It was a quick trip filled with a lot of laughter, and a ton of mud!


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