Harvest Unit Week Five – Learning to Weave

I’m pretty sure this is the unofficial stance of homeschoolers 🙂 

The worksheets we’ve been using from The Measured Mom are still working out great. They’re fun to do and are helping Mimi recognize letters more quickly. Adi has even been having fun coloring the pages. Check out that determination on her face!

I’m really happy with our decision to restart the handwriting book. Mimi’s confidence is growing with each page and I think this will make the handwriting portion go more smoothly.

This week’s learning focused on textiles and weaving. We watched a few videos on sheep being shorn, fabric being made different ways, and looked at our clothing under magnifying glasses to see the small stitches.

Alex Toys makes a loop and weave loom that makes decorative potholders. We tried weaving with a regular loom last Christmas that ended up being frustrating. This time it went great – I showed Mimi how to do two rows and she took off from there. She ended up making three potholders in one day. She had a few questions as she went along, but figured it out really quickly. It’s amazing watching her understand and execute new concepts!

We’re still going strong with our art study book. It has a small biography on the artist, along with a few questions to guide an art discussion. Mimi’s confidence is growing more and more when answering the questions. The first few weeks, she would hesitate for fear of being wrong, and now she’s understanding that there’s no right or wrong way to interpret art. 

This week ended on a funny note. The girls have an inside joke called “chick-a-lamb-a”. My best understanding is that it’s what Adi started calling a little chicken figurine and then it morphed into MegaBlocks robots being called that. After building this chick-a-lamb-a, they asked me to take a family photo. No real tie-in to school with this, it just makes me thankful that they have time to nurture a silly imagination together during the day!

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