Harvest Unit Week Eight and a Half – Seasons and Live Music

We split week eight over two weeks to give us extra time to complete all the activities for this week. We finished up our study on leaves by reading “The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree” and “How Do You Know It’s Fall?”, and then we made Four Season Trees from Easy Peasy and Fun. We got out all the art supplies, but ended up only using crayons and markers. They turned out really cute!

While we were already coloring, cutting, and gluing, the girls made Halloween puppets, also from Easy Peasy and Fun. With Darcie Lynn winning America’s Got Talent, they have been in love with puppets and ventriloquism.  

Adi helped me sort and organize this week’s printables. I may need her to teach me how to do it that well!

In the middle of the week we took a day trip to Seattle for a Hanson concert. We found a giant park with the most awesome play structures. After a few hours of driving, the girls were very happy to stretch their legs. Mimi discovered a cluster of seed pods which was exciting because we have previously only found the individual seed pods.

The concert was a two-part event with a Q&A earlier in the day that Mimi attended with me. The band has been together for 25 years and the audience asked some great questions that gave them the opportunity to discuss why they’ve had such great longevity, how they’ve survived as an indie band, and their advice for young artists. Their advice was pretty much applicable to every area of life and I’m glad Mimi was able to hear it.

Later that evening, we attended their main concert and both girls had a fantastic time. They were clapping and cheering and singing along to all of the songs. Their headphones worked great and toned the volume down considerably. Getting to hear live music is such an important and valuable experience for children, and they both really enjoyed it. Adi made it through about half the show before falling asleep, and Mimi made it until the end, but was ready to leave by the last song. For their first concert, they did so well. We chose to sit in the back row of the balcony so they had a good view and had room to move around if needed.

Because we’re crazy, and we wanted to schedule appointments while my husband was already off for the concerts, we had a dentist appointment the following day, sandwiched between gymnastics and a trip to the zoo. Gymnastics went really well this week. Adi is completely content to not be joining in now and it’s a fun place for her to hang out with me. We brought along a sticker activity book she got for her birthday and she was very into finding where the stickers went and lining them up.

A zoo membership to your local zoo is one of the most invaluable homeschooling resources and something I recommend getting if you can. Our membership has paid for itself many times over and since the visits don’t cost anything (after the initial membership fee), it’s easier to go there more often. This means we see the zoo during all four seasons and we don’t feel as rushed to see each exhibit since we know we can just come back. If we don’t get to the elephants, we can always catch them the next time.

The penguins were the girls’ main focus for this trip. There were name cuffs on each penguin and one named Jane G. was enthralled with the girls. She swam towards them so quickly that it started Adi and she fell backwards off the platform. Fortunately she was okay! We stayed in the penguin exhibit for close to 30 minutes and when the girls said goodbye, the raft of penguins that had been entertaining them all swam off. It was an amazing coincidence, as if the penguins knew exactly what they were saying.

Mimi’s secondary focus for this trip was the tide pool. During this trip, she noticed that the sign near it identified what was in the pool. Mimi’s goal was to find every item on the sign and we think we were successful

Next time I know we have a zoo trip coming up, I am going to pick an animal to teach about in depth and then make it a priority to find it at the zoo to observe. If we can cultivate a love of animals and nature in children, they might grow up to make the world a little better than they found it.  

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