Summer 2019 – Give Your Child the World

We kicked off summer with a joint birthday party for Mimi and Adi. They had an awesome time celebrating with family and received some amazing gifts. We put some of those gifts to use right away – learning how to use a spirograph, following directions, measuring, etc.

The girls also received a book of science experiments. We dissolved egg shells and watched a candle stay lit below the water line. Super fun!

We picked marionberries, blueberries, and raspberries at a local farm. It’s the same farm we’ll visit in the fall for pumpkins. I love that the girls are able to see how the farm changes from spring to summer to fall.

Our own garden also produced some fruit for us! Blackberries and honey crisp apples were abundant this year.

The girls played a lot of board games and did many crafts this summer. Some highlights include: making buttons, playing Outfoxed (fun for kids and adults alike), drawing on a lake shore while fishing, and lots of drawing before bed.

I took the time to read a few books for myself and absolutely loved Introverted Mom and Give Your Child the World, both by Jamie C. Martin. These books have substantially shaped my view of myself, the girls, our homeschooling goals, and our vision for the future.

After reading Give Your Child the World, I’ve decided to focus on a different country every month, diving into the history of the country, what it is like to live there currently, and give the girls a taste of different cultures around the world. While I have a general framework for each country, I imagine this will fluctuate each month depending on which country it is and what resources are available.

Two-thirds of the book is a detailed list of books arranged by country and by age-level. It’s a wonderful resource and we started off by reading books about the whole world in general. Our first country is France!

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