Spring 2019

The earth woke up! We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the new flowers blooming, the creepy crawlies coming out of hiding, and the sun warming up.

Exploring giant rock piles in the woods.

Adi and I found screen-free ways to pass the time together at gymnastics. Go Fish, Slap Jack, and drawing were her favorites. She learned how to draw a circle. This was something that eluded her for a long time and caused a lot of frustration for her when she couldn’t draw it perfectly.

Fortunately something clicked and she loves drawing circles now.

Mimi celebrated her 8th birthday this spring! We decided to do a joint birthday party for the girls in the summer so we went as a family to a local park and enjoyed cake, played basketball, and ran around.

There was a giant map of the USA that we used to show the girls where we live and the route we’d be taking to drive to Disneyland in a couple months.

Mimi has been really into putting together fruit and veggie platters for her and Adi. I apparently only took a picture of her chopping one set of fruit and then the compiled plate from a different night. Adi is enjoying this venture!

I found a book called Teach Me Mommy by Jill Dunford that I wish I would’ve found when Mimi was preschool age! It’s out of print, but used copies are floating around the internet.

The book is divided into units to follow throughout the year and contains rhymes, songs, book suggestions, craft ideas, and is overall a great resource for making sure your preschooler is exposed to a variety of topics.

The second two pictures below aren’t related directly to activities in the book, but are an example of how much her creativity and confidence has grown since starting the lessons.

Learning Through Literature has a free monthly poem that includes a bio of the author, and discussion ideas. March’s poem was about the wind so I found a coloring page that corresponded with it and we drank tea, ate cookies, colored, and read poetry.

Camas Lilies are native to the area we live in and we’ve never taken the time to see them beyond quick glimpses as we drive past fields that have some popping up. We decided to change that this year and take a hike to see some beautiful patches of lilies. Their uses and history are interesting to read about, here is the Wikipedia page on them.

At the beginning of May we took a 1,000 mile (each direction) road trip to Disneyland. I love that we drove because it allowed the girls to see the landscape’s subtle changes as we left Washington and Oregon and entered into California.

We visited with the girls’ great-great Aunt and Uncle who we don’t get to see nearly enough. They live in California with several tortoises and a paradise of a backyard. The girls had so much fun feeding the tortoises and eating fresh hibiscus flowers!

I know I’m biased, but this is the best Splash Mountain picture I’ve ever seen.
For the record, she loved it, regardless of what her face shows here 🙂
Our last moments in Disneyland before we left for home.
Mt. Shasta

We became a kayaking family this spring! The girls love being able to explore areas of lakes more closely now. I’m figuring out how we can tie this into our nature studies even more and am looking forward to the areas this will open up for us to explore.

Adi practiced blowing into a piccolo trumpet. Both girls caught on to proper trumpet blowing right away – probably inherited from their dad! Adi also asked to paint my nails. I love how focused she was and how carefully she applied it! Such a fun way to work on fine motor skills.

Mimi is all done with gymnastics! She did it for two years and loved every second of it, but decided to not continue it next year.

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