Morning Basket and Meteor Showers

Last year we eased into our homeschooling subjects so day one wasn’t just a huge overwhelming mess. It worked out really well so this year we’ve decided to do it again. We kicked off the year with a morning camp hosted by a few homeschooling moms. They were teaching mini lessons and explaining how morning baskets work. We’re going to incorporate morning basket time into our schedule. It’s a great way to get focused for the day and expose the girls to several different topics in small bites. Our plan is to cover nature, poetry, art, and classical music during our morning basket time. Listening to poetry and learning about alliteration.

An introduction to classical composers.

Learning about thistles and plant defense mechanisms. 

Our local library (extremely local as in two minutes from our house!) has belonged to a large network of libraries and itt was an awesome set up where we were able to get almost any book we needed delivered to that library for pickup. Unfortunately, our library recently made the decision to leave the larger network so we checked out the next closest library that is still part of the network. It’s the next town over, but only 10 minutes from our house, which is still nice. Adi was loving the kids’ area and we left with several great books.

Working on math problems together. Adi joined in this year with any problems that involved counting, while Mimi did the writing. I love seeing them work together!

Our introduction week lined up with the Perseid Meteor Shower so we spent the week learning about constellations, reading poetry about stars and meteors, making galaxies with bubble paint, listening to variations on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and recreating van Gogh’s Starry Night. We ended the week with viewing the meteor shower at my aunt and uncle’s home. The girls saw about six meteors each and loved it. It was way past bedtime though and they passed out before we made it home. Maybe next year we can stay up late enough to see them during the peak time!

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