Here Comes the Sun – March Recap

March was a fun-filled month with holiday celebrations, a birthday, and lots of crafts! We kicked off the month by celebrating a Welsh Holiday, St. David’s Day. We made Welsh cakes that turned out delicious. Making them was great for learning about measuring, mixing, and an overall fun hands-on experience that resulted in a tasty treat. We watched a few videos about St. David and listened to Welsh folk songs. Our favorite is Dacw ‘Nghariad:

To get us energized and ready for learning in the morning, I put together a playlist of fun songs on YouTube. They cover counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, telling time, phonics, months of the year, days of the week, and some are just fun to dance to!
This month we went to a Portland Wind Symphony and Marylhurst Women’s Chorale concert. At the end of the concert, anyone who wanted to was invited to come up and sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Mimi went up front to join in with everyone and loved it!
Since we were pretty deep into Portland for the concert, we checked out George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego. It is a park filled with rich Oregon history and scenic views of the Willamette River.   
Mimi is really working on learning to read. It’s awesome seeing her so motivated! Here she is reading a Fancy Nancy book to her Grampy.
After a never-ending winter, the sun came out and wore Adi out after a long day of playing.
This month also marked milestones like losing teeth. 
After seeing a kids’ prank video on YouTube, Mimi asked to make a robotic arm out of cardboard. Super fun craft!
We found a sweet little bike for Adi and took advantage of the yard thawing to get a little bit of riding time in. The weather was still a little too cold for it to be enjoyable, but I’m hoping they’ll have a lot more bike-riding experience this year!
One of Mimi’s favorite holidays is St. Patrick’s Day and she is bound and determined to catch a Leprechaun. Here is her elaborate system of cups and towels she set up in hopes to entice one. Unfortunately it didn’t work, but she did get some gold coins that he must’ve dropped when he escaped!
There were also plenty of opportunities for fun and imagination this month!
We celebrated Mimi’s 7th birthday this month!
Mimi’s birthday celebration continued with Red Lobster made at home. This girl LOVES Red Lobster, but there are only a few things she can safely eat there. Instead of spending a lot there for plain foods, we made an entire feast for her using foods she can eat. We even snuck in a little lesson on how lobsters move through the water. 
One of Mimi’s birthday presents was a terrarium, which lined up so perfectly with all of the plant books we’ve been reading!
We had an open-ended craft day where I just set out various craft items and let the girls make whatever they wanted to. They had a bunch of fun and I want to include days like this more often. 
We introduced the girls to “big kid” Legos and the girls got to work making an ice cream cart right away. 
The sun made the walk to gymnastics so much more enjoyable. I love that we have a weekly visual beyond our backyard to see the changing seasons. 
With sun comes more time to play in the mud! The girls did a lot of exploring out in the yard and the garden.
March was a fun month filled with family, exploration, love, and creativity!

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