Harvest Unit Week Twelve – Thanksgiving

We started out this week by playing airplane, which gave me a chance to combine learning letters, numbers, manners, food serving, geography, and singing all in one lesson. Not too bad for a Monday! I made little boarding passes with Name/Seat/Destination on them, and numbered our rows with lowercase and uppercase letters. The girls chose to go to the North Pole. We looked up how long it would take to get there, packed appropriately, and then they lined up to board the plane.

Google Maps doesn’t take you to the North Pole so we did a little digging and determined that we’d have to  fly to another country and go from there.

Adi with the warm clothes she chose to pack. 

Lining up the stuffed animals, learning about taking turns and waiting. 

Everyone’s all boarded and ready to go!

The girls took turns being the pilot and the flight attendant serving water. We sang Barney’s “Flying in an Airplane” while waiting for the plane to land. This was a really fun game that didn’t take a lot of time to set up, it cost nothing, and they played it for about two hours. After we took it all apart, they kept the extra boarding passes and seat numbers and have continued playing it around the house this week.

Once the airplane was dismantled, we played a quick letter hunt game. Using a 1-inch hole punch, I made four circles for each letter, uppercase and lowercase A, B, and C. I spread them out on the rug and wrote one letter at a time on a whiteboard. Then the girls would race to find those letters. They really enjoyed this game so I’m going to either add more letters every week, or come up with a similar scavenging game.

One of the letters was missing so Mimi helped write the letter on a new circle. 


To reinforce the letter “B”, I made bee rings from a printable by The Measured Mom and recited the rhyme from that page. It was a lot of fun and reminded me that we need to incorporate more little rhymes like that in our day.

The Relaxed Homeschool has an awesome homeschool life management course that I’ve slowly been making my way through. This week I worked on creating a cleaning plan, which involved charts and lots of laminating. Adi is enthralled by the laminator and jumps at the chance to help me with it.

Our local library had a children’s class where we made rain catchers and learned about the weather. There were four stations total: making the rain catcher, creating a cloud picture with cotton balls, learning about thunder by popping paper bags, and learning about evaporation with hand sanitizer. The girls got to use wood glue, a hammer, and a screwdriver. It was a really clever and informational hour!

Right outside of the room where most of the kids activities take place, there is a gallery that features local artists. We treated it like a mini museum trip and discussed the materials the artist used and what we thought they were trying to convey with their artwork.

It’s impossible to go to the library without checking out books so we looked around the children’s books for a while and left with 10 books! Mimi wanted to carry all of them in the bag she got during the summer reading program. It was heavy, but she did it!

Watching the rain. I love it when something they learn about matches up with the world around them that quickly. 

When we got home, Adi decided to surprise Mimi and paint her rain catcher. Fortunately Mimi was happy about this!

The girls got the chance to practice manners and (closely supervised) independence this week at a local burger joint. There was a kids table right next to a full-size table so they were able to sit alone and help each other with their food. This was so much fun for them and they needed minimal help from me. Mimi got the chance to go up by herself and ask for cutlery and to-go boxes. She was on cloud nine after getting to do those things!

This week marked the end of a couple of things. First, Mimi finished the pre-writing portion of her handwriting book! Once again, I’m so happy with our decision to restart the book. Her lines and shapes were drawn more confidently, and there was zero frustration as we worked through it this time.

The other thing that came to an end was our harvest curriculum. We finished it up with a book about Thanksgiving that was very rhythmic and enjoyable to read. The pictures in it were beautiful as well.We enjoyed the harvest curriculum so much I can see us repeating it every fall until the girls are older. We’re very excited to begin the Winter Wonderland curriculum in January!

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