Fall Harvest Curriculum – Week Two

Our main focus was learning about where milk comes from. We read The Milk Makers and Beatrice’s Goat for our main books of the week. Both books were really enjoyable. Thinking that they would be great books to dive in further about where milk comes from, we read Can Hens Give Milk? and You Can’t Milk a Dancing Cow. These two books were strange and not ones we’ll read again. I think the books were just intended to be silly and nonsensical, nothing more, but they left all of us wondering what the actual point of each story was.

We learned about Henri Matisse and used the book When Pigasso Met Mootisse as a fun transition between learning about Picasso the previous week and Matisse this week. It was also a way to show how the two artists lived within the same time period. We read Matisse: Dance with Joy and followed the movements on each page that featured a different piece of art, which the girls absolutely loved doing. Such a great way to really make art come to life! In addition to those books, we also read Henri’s Scissors and created tissue paper snails with cutout shapes. The girls also colored coloring pages based on Matisse’s works. We used gel pens to replicate the bright colors he used. Several days of rain revived our garden and Adi enjoyed finding out that a silly looking tomato she’s been keeping an eye on all summer finally started to ripen!For this week’s nature study, we read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and learned all about the different ways seeds disperse themselves. We ventured a few hours from home for our weekly nature walk and explored Mount Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. Naches Loop Trail is gorgeous and reminds me of the Sound of Music. A park rangers showed the girls how to find huckleberries and they were in heaven! It was pretty late in the season so we didn’t find a lot, but the ones we had were absolutely delicious!   Adi has been watching her big sister do math every day and decided to do some number tracing all on her own!For a STEAM activity, we created a piece of art with nature. We dropped food coloring on paper and then set it outside during a rain shower. The resulting artwork turned out pretty cool! To go along with learning about milk, we baked some paleo bread and topped it with (dairy free) butter. The girls enjoyed getting their hands messy and eating fresh warm bread.  Mimi decided to she wanted to learn how to crochet this week. I’ve been waiting for this day! She started out trying to learn with a hook and then decided that finger crocheting a chain was a lot easier to begin with. So far she has made two very long chains!

This week’s books:

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