Easing in

This year our tactic has been to ease into homeschooling. We started out doing more focused activities a couple times a week, building up to five days a week. Then we’re introducing one new subject a week until we have introduced all of them by the end of August.

In other years, I’ve tried to start too many things at one time and it gets overwhelming for everyone. We’re a few weeks in at this point and it’s going really well!

Here are some of the things we’ve done over the last month to ease into our routine and enjoy the final days of summer:

We explored the backyard at night.
We found a farm-themed park that ties into our fall curriculum!



Complete with chickens!








Working on fairy worksheets.




The backyard was explored a lot.






Mimi started her handwriting book.




We found awesome deals on school supplies.
Mimi fell in love with finding Waldo.




Adi explored letters and numbers.


Sticker by number helps with number recognition.










They read books together.






Worked together.


Made shadow puppets.






We painted, a lot.
And just generally had fun together!

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