April Recap

April started out with Easter festivities, including an egg hunt with cousins at their Great Grandparents’ house! They scored tons of money and had a bunch of fun. As soon as they got home, they sorted the coins by type and made the decision to combine their money. I’m not sure how that will all play out, but it happened so fast that there was no stopping them! After the Easter egg hunt, we decided to take an impromptu trip to the beach. It’s a little over two hours away so we didn’t have a lot of time before the sun went down. We made it in time to observe the tide pools filled with anemones and got to experience the beach at night which we haven’t done in a while.  Back at home, Adi took it upon herself to pick up the dog poop (picture cropped for the squeamish!) and Mimi helped. We have been talking about how everything runs more smoothly when we work together as a team and they’ve really taken it to heart. 

Mimi reading to Adi at the library! We stayed and read several books for about an hour, something I want to do more often!
Mimi has been going back over letters to refine her handwriting. It’s amazing how much clearer her writing gets over time, even without as much practice as we should probably be doing.

Daddy’s long hair made for a perfect lesson in being gentle. Adi surprised me with how long she intently combed his hair. Such a sweet moment!In between rainstorms, we took a walk around our neighborhood and found snails and all sorts of things emerging from their winter hibernation. The most amazing park was recently built near us that is a natural play space. I’ve seen parks like this popping up more and more so check out if there’s one near you!  Mimi and I started some seeds for our garden. Our plan for the spring is to read as many books as we can find about plants, bugs, weather, and growing food, and then have the hands on experience of growing a garden.  The girls found some awesome tubes at a local park that allow them to talk to each other from across the playground. They absolutely loved it and it was a neat lesson on how sound travels.
Mimi and Adi have been playing different computer games together, some educational, some not, and it’s awesome watching them work together. Not every game ends in smiles, and most sessions have some bouts of fighting in the middle, but their cooperation with each other is great to witness. Mimi got in some more worksheets and did several of them unprompted.
With their combined Easter money, the girls purchased a gigantic set of baby dolls and accessories. The set was 50% off and they were ecstatic that their money went even further. 

More sunny days = more bike riding! And LOTS of water!

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